Learn about the required FASB reporting changes for Year-End 2019 for contractors – be prepared.

Two-Step Seminar Series for Contractors:
Be Ready – New Financial Statement Compliance for Year End 2019


Step 1 Overview Seminar:

Wednesday, May 22
Wednesday, June 12

Are You Ready?
2019 and the New GAAP Reporting Requirements:
How The New Methodology Will Affect Your Bottom Line

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Step 2 “How To” Seminar:

Wednesday, July 10
Tuesday, July 16

Ready and Done Right: How to Implement the
New Financial Statement Reporting Standards for Contractors

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Why you should attend our “Be Ready” Seminar Series:

  • If you aren’t aware of the FASB accounting standards changes
  • If you don’t understand the changes and how they can impact your bottom line
  • To learn how to implement the new standards

Who should attend:

Contractors required to produce annual financial statements for surety, banking, or prequalification purposes such as FL DOT including: Small, medium or large commercial general contractors, commercial sub-contractors, heavy and highway contractors, and their financial officers

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Step 1 Overview Seminar:

  • Why you are facing a change no one asked for – and does this really impact my construction company
  • Core principles of the new standard and its five-step approach
  • How the percentage-of-completion method was eliminated but the methodology was maintained (with changes)
  • Which stakeholders should be part of your implementation plan
  • Effective dates and transition choices

Step 2 “How To” Seminar teaches you how to Implement the changes in your reporting. Get the nuts and bolts in our all-day “How To” Seminar, where you’ll learn what you’ll need to do to comply with the new reporting standards and what’s needed for you to be ready for outside accountants before the end of the year. Learn about:

  • What a sample financial statement will look like under the new standard
  • What needs to be documented
  • Flow Charts, questionnaires, and other expedients to ease documentation requirements
  • Potential changes to internal controls
  • New disclosure requirements; and more

Register today!

Step 1 Overview Seminar – May 22 or June 12

Step 2 “How To” Seminar – July 10 or July 16

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